Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Donkeys and asses

I need to come clean, since I learned it was worrying some people (well, someone). The DLF and the DAC were fictitious, figments of my imagination - and any resemblance to real organisations is entirely coincidental. I just made them up to highlight the title of my forthcoming book, 'My Donkeybody : inside a terminal illness' (Monarch, October '08!). Talking of which, I just returned the proofs yesterday. I don't think it's as gloomy as the title might suggest. In fact it's sort of funny in places.

There was a really amazing article in the Spring edition of 'Thumbprint' (the magazine of the MND Association) about a guy called Timothy Berner. Before he died he wrote: 'I am increasingly aware, and have really been for quite a long time that, far from being a death sentence, as the world believes, the disease from which I suffer gives life not death; it is salvific.' Wow! That means it's been good. And then he went on to describe some of the ways in which his life had been enriched.... I'd love to have met him.

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