Thursday, 24 July 2008

Breaking news

Have just seen the cover blurb for 'My Donkeybody'. It now has a new sub-title, viz.
'Living with a body that no longer obeys you!' I like it. It doesn't seem so much of a fait accompli - AND it seems a good deal more cheerful. I can see terminal illness is not a great selling line.


  1. How very strange, i was just looking at the book on amazon (also available from many other good book retailers), and was thinking about the sub-title myself and wondering whether it might be a bit of a somber one considering the fairly un-somber tone of the book. Good change i think.

  2. That's encouraging. A word from the street. Thanks.

  3. M, Great to chat with J this pm. Looking forward to seeing you before reading the book! Enjoy New Wine etc. Go well, Andrew