Tuesday, 24 June 2008

You DO look well

One of the strange things about having MND (ALS) is how well you look - well, in the earlier stages. There are some tell-tale signs, like the way you walk, or the way you talk, or the stiffness of your fingers, but you LOOK well. And people continue to tell you how well you look, when all the time what you're aware of is how things are beginning to fall apart. You can't avoid the fact that things are going wrong - inside. The amazing thing is how much a minute malfunction in your brain is destroying your previously healthy body.

Well, this is me, five years after diagnosis. What you can't see is I'm in a wheelchair. By now, I can't walk except holding on to my wife or my walking frame. But I reckon you'd say I do look well. And one of the things I'd say is that things don't look all bad from where I'm standing - sorry, sitting. Then I've got a long-drawn out form of the disorder (PLS), whereas most types don't give you long to be philosophical about life.


  1. Hello there,
    This blog looks great.
    I'll be coming back to visit.
    Peace out!

  2. Michael, I'm SO excited about your blog... and you DO look well in your photo...... I mean, what's all the fuss about???? !!!! Love, Louise (Halling)

  3. Hello Michael

    Good to see you at the fest. Like the blog and will look forward to having a read of your book when it's out.

    For what it's worth, I think that when I've heard you talking recently in church it's more inspiring than ever really, so thanks a lot.

    Pretty much everyone who knows you sees your life as a real witness.

    Nice one

    John Robertson

  4. And Amen to Paul's Amen to John's comment!(If that is not too tortuous?!?!)
    I appreciate your honesty, and your humanity!I appreciate your faith under distressing circumstances. Michael, I appreciate Jesus in you!
    much love