Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Where I hang out

This is Stanford in the Vale, in Oxfordshire, UK, the village where I live and work. These were taken a fortnight ago during the two-day summer festival - an ancient village tradition in these parts revived just over 25 years ago. It's one time in the year when most villagers come together for a bit of fun and fund-raising. It helps when the sun is shining! The church is where I'm based, most Sundays. It called St Denys', after the patron saint of France. Apparently his finger was brought here once a year in the Middle Ages - which is perhaps when the festival started.... I feel a bit redundant on days like these, because I can't speak clearly enough for people to catch what I'm saying a lot of the time. So I make do mostly by wandering around in my electric wheelchair and smiling.

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