Saturday, 28 June 2008

Early intermission

Well, I'm taking a break now. The pressure from the DLF (Donkey Liberation Front) has been getting to me. They seem to think that I'm treating donkeys with disrespect. Nothing could be further from the truth. But they are so ornery (look it up). I mean, St Francis called his body 'brother ass', I believe, and no one could accuse him of being unkind to animalls. Some of my best friends are asses. By the way, isn't that a warning sign, when someone (probably on a phone-in programme) says, 'It's not that I have anything against xyz; in fact some of my best friends are xyz, but...'? It's like, 'I'm not a racist, but...'. Or like politicians or religionists saying, 'I have the greatest respect for x (Where x = Rowan Williams or someone), but...', and you know they're going to lay in to him for not doing or saying what they want.

So anyway I'm leaving the house and parish in very good hands, and disappearing off the radar for a bit. Maybe I'll find an internet café near our safe house and keep you briefed on how things are going.

By the way, a friend of mine was going to the Nelson Mandela 90th birthday concert yesterday. I'm longing to hear how it was. I just heard that little clip on the news where the great man was comparing it with the concert given on his 70th. What an incredible journey he and South Africa have travelled, the long road to freedom! I just pray that Zimbabwe's journey will soon end in lasting freedom too.

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