Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Thought for today

I was really struck by this comment today from a friend of mine with a nasty neurological condition: "I do not know all the answers but I personally look forward to the end, but I am quite happy to let God make that decision. My husband likes looking after me as do lots of people, and I would feel I would be kicking them in the teeth if I were to take away their choice." Now that's impressive selflessness.

For a view of the Dingitas factory different from the one we normally see, I recommend this article from the Mail, A daughter watches her mother die. Karen Royle talks about the devastating effects of her mother, Rona's assisted suicide. She had MND and wanted the quick exit for herself, but it left her husband  utterly lost and her family shattered. 'Compared with Mum, Dad had the better death, without a doubt,’ says Karen. 'Although his body was riddled with cancer, he died peacefully at home with us.'

You can see what my friend means.

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