Sunday, 26 June 2011

Home sweet home

We're just back from a great week near Llandovery in mid-Camarthenshire. It's where we've been before - well off the beaten track, a single-storey building attached to a 200-year old Welsh farmhouse, with lovely views over the River Towy to the Black Mountain. Being Wales the joy of the view is that it constantly changes, sometimes shrouded in rain, sometimes stunningly clear, and of course changing with the time of day.

However what's best about Pen y Banc is the amazing garden which surrounds it, created by Kenneth and Gill over the past twenty years. I reckon it ranks in its small way with the best of the great gardens like Aberglasney nearby. Sadly I can't get round it, but Jane enjoys it and takes photos so that I can see what I'm missing! Here are some pictures.
And yet, in spite of everything, it's good to be home again - and that's not because I've missed the internet! Far from it! I can't imagine being at the beck and call of a bleeping Blackberry all day every day. What a nightmare! I think they should be called Brambles - you don't want to get caught up with one.

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