Saturday, 22 January 2011

More hope less despair

Image credit: Dr Andrew Jarjour
I've just caught up on last night's 4Thought by Dr Irfan Sayed and was struck by his comment that doctors offering patients euthanasia gave the message that there's no hope. We actually live in extraordinarily exciting times in neurological research. One hears of new advances being made all the time.
For example I noticed this article in the latest Cambridge Alumni (! - I know! How posh!) e-bulletin: "Study reveals new possibility of reversing damage caused by MS". Obviously research is just a step towards producing drug therapy, but the possibility is exciting and dramatic. Hopefully similar breakthroughs for other neurological conditions such as MND will continue apace. You can read the article here: Advance in MS research article

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  1. It's not only neurological research that points to the future ..............