Monday, 17 January 2011

Micah's Challenge

Hannah, my 4Thought producer, this morning confirmed that Jane and I will be broadcast on Wednesday evening (7.55 pm Channel 4, repeated 8.55 on 4+1). I'm sorry about the confusion. 

I read this last night. It caught my attention and thought I'd quote it here. It's from a chapter by Marijke Hoek (whose photo of Amsterdam in the snow I put here a few weeks ago) in a book she's coedited, called Micah's Challenge. She's talking about the hope of the created world (Romans 8):

"You can hear the echo of Joel 2:28: God promised to pour out his Spirit, causing the people to dream dreams and have visions. Imagine justice flowing like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream. Imagine, once again, elderly men and women sitting in the streets, with cane (walking stick) in hand, overlooking playing children (Amos 5:24; Zech. 8:4). Imagine orphans being placed in a family, receiving an education and fulfilling their potential. Imagine medical help being available to all. Imagine people being set free from forms of bond-slavery and able to steer their destiny. Imagine food, clothes, shelter and water for all. Imagine restoring broken dwellings. Imagine just that.

"... This hope for God's reign increasingly to break into our life and affect a groaning creation is a power that will sustain and motivate us, creating a resilient, imaginative and trusting people... In those who hope for what is not yet, there is then an active enduring, a passionate waiting, while anticipating the new creation and walking in the way of love" (page 61).

I found my imagination fired by the vision of the earth as it should, could, will be. And I'm inclined to believe that Marijke's right in her understanding of dreams and visions. And agree with her that they're not given to be enjoyed, but to motivate to action. I recommend this website: Micah's Challenge

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  1. Strong words, Michael and a vision we can all contribute to given the right form of motivation. Sheffield as you may well know has many Assylum Seekers and refugees who in many cases have taken flight from countries in fear of their lives. Often these people are highly skilled and professionals seeking a better life. they are in many cases very happy to be living in Sheffield and since first helping out at our link church I have got to know quite a few quite well. One of my main aims for 2011 is to in my own small way help their cause which often even in this country comes up against brick walls of beurocracy, discrimination and an unjust system. I have taken a brief look at Joel's web site, it looks fascinating. Shall return to study it more during the next week.