Thursday, 7 October 2010

Dancing, dentists, doctors and media megaphones

Today I opened an email from an old friend of mine, which began, "Did you see Anne Widdecombe on Strictly Come Dancing? I thought she was hilarious!" I did as it happens, and I thought she was a hoot, clearly determined to prove a match for the saturnine Craig Revel Horwood. It was a welcome diversion from my personal struggle at the moment....

Which, don't panic, is nothing worse than a disintegrating tooth. And that, I'm glad to report, has been sorted (moreorless) by the marvellous NHS special needs dental service. A shame it happened on Saturday morning but I was given an appointment at Didcot on Monday afternoon, and the nice young dentist smoothed it down and the jagged razor in my mouth disappeared. Worse things happen at sea. In fact I did wonder what I'd have done in the old days: presumably Jane would have taken a file to it and I'd have swigged a lot of whisky.

For some reason, I lost half of this blog after I'd written it. Don't know what happened. I think it was commiserating with Celtic Manor with the wettest Ryder Cup ever. Still it's all come good in the end, if you're European.

 Shame it wasn't on terrestrial tv, as radio commentary of golf, day after day, is dreadfully dull. Interminable whispered descriptions of little balls whizzing through the air and falling down holes. It was a relief to turn on Radio 5 on Friday and hear the Punch and Judy tones of Kermode and Mayo's film review.

Anyway, instead I recommend reading Peter Saunders' blog about the launch of a new pro-euthanasia Health Professionals' lobby group next Wednesday. No doubt it will get lots of media coverage, as Dignity in Dying (the old Voluntary Euthanasia Society) has friends in the business. His main point is that it will get a lot of attention but represents a vast minority of health professionals. Don't be deceived... You have been warned!


  1. Or Jane would give you the file and swig the drink?? Worse things happen at sea you say - or in a Chilean mine? I hope they all get out - but imagine the terror of the poor chap who is last out.

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