Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Not too impressed

Yesterday I watched the live streaming from the Chilcot enquiry into the Iraq War and I must say I wasn't overimpressed with Alistair Campbell.  He certainly performed well - the range of ennui, indignation and 'sincerity'.  But I'm not sure he inspired trust, with his gestures including praying hands.  I was struck by his selective memory (or 'forgettory' as my dad used to say).  He conveniently couldn't 'honestly' remember some events, while he could be quite clear over details in the same period.  Hmm!

And tomorrow the third and last cricket test match begins in South Africa.  South Africa have to win if they're not to lose the series.  Actually I'm not sure if England's last performance with their slow over rate, treading on the ball and scratching it (I gather) was entirely honourable.  But more annoying, I found, were Geoffrey Boycott's comments.  It's ironic hearing the world's slowest batsman going on about the over rate.  And he just isn't funny, although he thinks he is - unlike most of his still extremely polite colleagues.  With Michael Vaughan on the commentary team the BBC have a perfectly good and expert replacement.  Boycott's had a good innings.  Time for him to leave the crease and retire, and be content with his pension - and British winters.

To lighten the tone, and to remind our cricketers what they're missing, here's a photo our friend Jan took at the weekend near her home in Buckinghamshire.  Beautiful.

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  1. Oh, grumps! So you'd like to boycott Boycott? I'm full of weak puns like that: When Rosey had her first child she decided to name him Toby - then gasped "What have I done?". She knew I wouldn't be able to resist "Toby or not Toby - that is the question?". I've grown out of it now that he's bigger than me... Today being the Feast of St Hilary it is supposed to be the coldest day of the year but I've know much colder so far: Enjoy the snow while you can - Spring is just around the corner!