Monday, 4 January 2010

Et al

I realise my last blog was all about me.  I apologise.  What vanity.

So let me wish YOU a happy and prosperous 2010.  And let me tell you about some of our visitors over the past few days, to wit the Manchester mob and the Three Wise Men and their wives.  (You read it here first - the wise men were married.)  As you can see, the Manchester mob (above) are very creative, as well as lovely.  The godfather is characteristically camera-shy!  Faith (with her mother) was suffering with the same bug as me, and so was quite miserable.

Then last Saturday my three brothers and their wives came for lunch.  I've mentioned them before; they all have doctorates and are quite distinguished in their fields, and all married Cambridge graduates.  But for all that I'm fond of them all.  Below are the two theologian brothers deep in frivolous conversation.

Having family is fun, I must say.  And now we are back to 'normality', on our onesome, trying to ignore the politicians' phoney election campaign.  Give us a break, Gordie, Dave and Nick, please.  It's been nice having some days of peace and goodwill.


  1. Of course your last blog was all about yourself - and why not? Why do you think your avid readers hang on your every word? Keep smiling!

  2. Glad the family party went well. Are the brothers on the sofa discussing the theological implications of the wise men being married?
    Also, been meaning to ask, who is the handsome chap with the long ears at the top of this super new format?
    Good to have you back blogging.