Friday, 4 December 2009

Quote search

Can anyone tell me where this quotation from The Pilgrim's Progress comes from: “You have chosen the roughest road, but it leads straight to the hilltops”? And while I'm on the subject of looking for passages, someone showed me a quote comparing dying to being born a few years ago. I thought it was written by Henri Nouwen; or it might have been Jean Vanier. Has anyone come across it? Do let me know. I can't guarantee to acknowledge it in the next book, but I should be grateful.


  1. Michael,

    I haven't got a copy of Pilgrim's Progress and it's a VERY long time since I read it, but isn't this quote from somewhere around the time when Christian reaches Hill Difficulty and he choses the road called 'Difficulty' while his companions choose the wrong roads which turn out to be dead ends?

    That's about all I can remember, don't know if that's of any help at all?


  2. Is this of any interest (an answer from "The Answerbank") ?

    I don't know where the Bunyan connection comes from (misprint?). I know it as a quote from John Buchan, Greeenmantle.

  3. Brian
    That is really interesting because I've been trawling PP in vain. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of Greenmantle, only Prester John. So we'll have to get one out of the library. Thanks.

  4. You may not need to wait to go to the library. The first chapter of Greenmantle is available online

    and the quote is definitely there. How extraordinary that it should be so misquoted over the years!