Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Three sages and an ass

On Saturday we had the annual Wenhamfest, calculated to increase my inferiority complex. You see the thing is I have three very clever brothers. They're all doctors, 2 PhDs and I MD. And I've just got a Desmond. So a couple of days before Epiphany the three wise men, along with their retinues, came to the home of the ass. Appropriate in a way. No baby Jesus. But Immanuel. And we had a good time together - different casseroles, puddings, drinks. Time passed quickly, which is a sign of enjoying yourself.


  1. Hi Michael,
    I work with the MD amongst 'The Wise Men' (with great enjoyment) He lent me 'The Shack' and I thought it was fantastic; loved the different way of thinking about God. I was given 'My Donkeybody' from the same source, stayed awake all night reading it, wow and thankyou. Pat.

  2. Hi Pat
    He's a nice chap, isn't he? So glad MDB wowed you! Thanks for the encouragement! Michael