Tuesday, 20 January 2009


It WAS a wild Saturday - here, anyway. What a party we had! Quite the best I've been to. I can say that, because I didn't organise it. It was such fun. Food, of course, and drink, friends, entertainment, the Four Revs from X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing (Eat your heart out, Sergeant) and dancing.

My friend, Louise, had told me about a disabled buggies' conga at Greenbelt this year; so I fulfilled a long-cherished ambition to dance with Jane again. I only ran over one or two people before they gave me a wide berth.

I have to admit not everyone found it as exciting as I did, but then Caleb had done a great job as my spokesman, as I couldn't trust myself to speak coherently.

And it went on not only that evening, but also continued on Sunday, so that we had dancing/marching round church in the morning ('We are marching in the light of God'), and then non-stop lunch and tea in the afternoon.
It's not quite the end of our time here in Stanford, but it is how I shall hope to remember it, full of laughter, shared memories and enjoyment. As I said (or at least Caleb did for me), this is the place that I have experienced God's amazing love for me above all - to such an extent that it has transformed what I'm going through with MND to a positive experience - of being loved. And I'm so grateful.

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  1. I know I'm your cousin, but thank you for the huge inspiration that you and your family, friends and congregation, and neighbours, give us through your blog and your book. You are showing us the grace of God in action: the giving and receiving of unconditional love.

    Your story shows us that There probably IS a God....

    I have given 17 copies of 'Donkey' so far. I couldn't put it down. Several are wanting to read it again as there is so much in it to glean.

    Love the pictures.

    Thank you and Jane for allowing us into your life.