Monday, 8 August 2011


Well, I wouldn't quite say that, although I did enjoy two small glasses of wine, thanks to Clare, our friend from Exmouth, and John and Ness, friends from Stanford, between Monday and Saturday. So I doubt whether it was the alcohol. We've just had an amazingly good week. Amazing, because we arrived at the Bath & West Showground each day for praise and Bible study by 9.15 in the morning, leaving for our peaceful cottage about 12 hours later. Amazing, because although I wasn't exactly comfortable, that time was spent in a manual wheelchair and the pain didn't bother me. Personally I tend to believe that it was more to do with people praying for us than mind over matter. (Those who know me will agree that my mind is rather feeble when it comes to controlling my matter!)

At Sleepy Hollow
I'm reflecting more about some of the things I've come home mulling over in my new blogRoom with a view. So I'll not go on about it here except to say what an amazing wife Jane is. She did everything for me, and I mean everything. Think of going to the loo, and I've probably said enough. The showground is not exactly flat, the marquees are not that wheelchair-friendly - although there were usually willing folk to help - and Jane pushed me everywhere.

So now it's back to overcast Grove, but I'm hoping that the clouds won't blow over my spirit for some time yet. I have things to do, books to write...! However, D.v., I suspect we'll be back to the winning combination of our haven, Sleepy Hollow Cottages, and our spiritual watering hole, New Wine! Sleepy Hollow, I must add, is three delightful cottages, well off the beaten track in the Somerset levels. Highly recommended - well, we've been returning for years.
Nooze, "our" pad at Sleepy Hollow

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