Monday, 11 July 2011

Friends' photos

I think this might become my new Facebook status! We were given these rather special dates by Mandy when she came to our Friday supper group with Charles, and good old Pete and Jane. These evenings are nourishing to my soul. We talk, and read and enjoy God's company. Of course it was the title that appealed to me, but the dates themselves are something else!
And here's another photo that appealed to me. I was sent it by Nic who lives near Cambridge. On the left is the office of the church they go to in St Ives, called The Bridge - and on the right is the name of my late distinguished father. In fact it's the premises of a firm of precision engineers who, I think, specialise in making instrumentation - nothing to do with theology.
And lastly the pièce de résistance - we saw this book for the first time a week ago on Saturday, when we  called in on its editor, our pal John Milnes. It is a magnificent book, as Jane said, a real work of art. The Ashmolean in Oxford has a small but priceless collection of instruments, and John, himself an instrument maker and repairer, has assembled the country's foremost experts to describe them and the world's best photographer of instruments to capture them. The result is a thing of beauty. The Deluxe edition is already sold out, but you can still buy the standard edition for £280,! I think the cover photo is of the prize violin of the collection, "Le Messie" Stradivarius, which John told us is the best preserved original Strad in the world. Inside there are photos from every angle in the best possible lighting. I think Le Messie means the Messiah rather than Lionel Messi, the star of FC Barcelona. It's just the star of 18th century Cremona. I suspect the violin will still be admired long after the footballer's forgotten.

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