Monday, 11 April 2011

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I have to say it's been lovely having an enforced break from the internet! Jane and I have had an all-too-short holiday in a remote corner of south-east Devon - no internet and fairly dubious mobile reception. For those of us without sufficient self-discipline to impose a break from the media on ourselves, this sort of desert-island retreat should be made compulsory!

(By the way, last week's Desert Island Discs was one of those peaches which come along occasionally. The castaway was the actor, Martin Sheen (Jed Bartlett of The West Wing), whose own life-story is as gripping as the series. You can listen on podcast or here: Martin Sheen castaway.)

Where was I? Well, this time a week ago we were on the way back from my favourite place of worship, in Exmouth. I've only been there twice of course, and I know that there isn't a perfect church anywhere. However Christ Church in North Street for me scratches where it itches.... It's utterly unpretentious, but its people are serious about worship and discipleship. And they're very welcoming, family-friendly and unintimidating. We first met Katie and Tom and Nicky last year at New Wine, and have got to know other church members since. I reckon one mark of a healthy Christian family is where you feel at home when you step inside. This is like that.

Anyway there's too much to say about the action-packed week for this post. So it will have to keep to another time.

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