Sunday, 27 February 2011

A good turn

Something nice happened to me yesterday. The story begins on Thursday. Jane was working at Cornerstone, while I was being interviewed by Edward at home. When he'd finished, Bryan fetched the lift down and helped me in to my wheelchair, and then saw me out on my way for a coffee at Cornerstone. Two things you should know: I was in a hurry, and I'd stuffed my mobile into my pocket just in case. My physio, Lesley, tells me I should always keep it on me when I'm on my own, in case of emergency.

It wasn't until Friday that I discovered my phone was missing. Nowhere in the depths of my pocket nor in cracks of my wheelchair.... On Saturday Jane was back in Cornerstone, but it hadn't turned up there. We concluded it must have been bounced out on the bumps in the snickets between here and there. Then later Rachel phoned. Someone had called her, using my SIM card. The caller had my mobile and lived just over the road.

So Jane rang Priscilla, and went round with chocolates. Apparently her young son had found it under a bush. She brought it home in a carrier bag from a shop on the Cowley Road called "Honest Stationery"! Appropriate, somehow. Isn't there a saying, "A good deed in a naughty world"?


  1. I must break the habit of trying to trump all your stories - but not 'til tomorrow.... Some time ago I received a 'phone call on my landline from a lady who asked "Are you 'Dad' ?". I admitted that I was indeed a father and asked who she was. "She said - you don't know me but I found a mobile 'phone in the steet and 'Dad' is plumbed in so I thought I'd ring as you would know to whom it belonged". "Where do you live?" I asked. "Harpenden". "Aha - that's where my son lives!" I gave her his address to which she exclaimed "I picked it up just outside his house - I'll put it through his letterbox". He hadn't even missed it.

  2. I keep mine in a bag which is on a cord round my neck, it can be troublesome when O bend down to get the milk out of the fridge, it gets trapped in the door!!!!!