Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow Sunday

The Christmas tree is now up in the conservatory - where it looks very picturesque, I must say, surrounded by the snow-covered garden. I hope that people in the street can see it through the living room. The snow is lying deep and crisp and even round here, which means I can't get out and about very easily. A friend of mine emailed this week: "Let it snow...", that song should be banned! I don't quite agree. I know some members of my family who'd like a bit more.... But I can see her point! Perhaps it's an age thing.

Anyway, it was good this morning receiving a phone call from Charles and Mandy, who'd been unable to get to church by car and wondered whether we'd like to "break bread" with them. Great! So they walked over and we celebrated the 4th Sunday of Advent together. I have to say it was among the best "church" services I can remember. I'm really grateful, and was reminded that this was the model of church life in the New Testament. A lot of people seem to struggle with institutional church, including me. Maybe instead of big meetings in big buildings, friends meeting and sharing their lives and faith (and doubts) together is a more "two or three" way of being church. Maybe this is the way forward that I heard about last summer.


  1. Maybe this is the way forward that I heard about last summer. Hi Michael, I didn't get the reference to "the way forward" which you heard about

  2. You weren't likely to, Anita! In a number of ways at New Wine, we felt called to "open our home".

  3. Lol! Heard about from God! No wonder I didn't get the reference. Lovely snow pictures. We were planning to return home on Christmas Eve, but now that's in the lap of the weather gods!