Thursday, 9 September 2010


It's exhausting work this car-hunting, reading reviews, working out dimensions, handholds etc. A new idea is a swiveling passenger seat, which might make getting in and out easier.... Anyway the shortlist has grown longer now, including a replacement Ford C-Max, the Nissan Qashqai, the Seat Altea XL with the new Vauxhall Meriva in reserve. I hope we'll see the last one tomorrow - and then it's make-your-mind-up time. 

Today I wrote a review on Amazon of the book I've just finished. It's A Time To Live by George Pitcher, which Monarch published at the same time as I Choose Everything.

"What a breath of fresh air! An injection of clarity into a debate where there's so much obfuscation and misinformation. 

I'm not a great fan of the Torygraph, for whom Pitcher writes, but this is not a party-political book, although it IS arguing a case, against the UK's drift towards euthanasia. Pitcher begins by tracing the historical origins of the erosion of belief in the unique value of life which he sees as going hand in hand with individualism and consumerism. He then turns his attention to the arguments of the pro-euthanasia lobby and demonstrates their flimsiness and, at times, downright fallaciousness. Having effectively demolished the rationale for legalising assisted suicide, he proposes the case for preserving the protection of life and further resourcing palliative care. However, this is not simply a book of arguments. It has many examples of individual stories which counter the popular "victim" view of disability and terminal illness (such as Charlotte Raven who has Huntington's Disease). Which for me who is disabled with a "terminal illness" were good news indeed. Many who are disabled and feel threatened by the moves towards mercy-killing will feel the same.  

Pitcher writes from a perspective of faith - and indeed his exploration of the Christian view of the sanctity of life is very valuable - but everyone, with or without faith, could and should engage with this book. It's not a hard read. It deals with undoubtedly one of our time's biggest issues, and this book is an excellent introduction to it. "

By the way, no one's reviewed I Choose on Amazon yet. Any takers?

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