Saturday, 8 May 2010

Life's little ironies

How ironic! From my constitutionally informed friend, Mark Berry, I learned the following. 'In all this fascinating and ongoing story of the General Election it's worth noting the contrary nature of the local council results. In terms of councillors...
Conservative -122
Labour +413
Liberal Democrat -138
Others -106.' Which I find extraordinary.

And I suppose there's an irony in the continuing horse-trading between the right-wing Tories and progressive left-wing LibDems. One hopes there is a moderate and constructive outcome. Hopefully Mr Cameron will spend some time on his knees tomorrow. Mr Clegg apparently doesn't believe in God, and presumably therefore prayer.

Meanwhile, I have to admit I'm disappointed by other pole results from a local point of view. Neither of the Williams cars have made it into the top ten for tomorrow's Spanish Grand Prix. There's something ironic, isn't there, with the spectacle of gas guzzling boys' toys burning up petrol while the Gulf of Mexico is threatened with ecological disaster from the unrefined raw product? 


  1. I don't think there's any horse-trading between right-wing Tories and left-wing LibDems: on the contrary, it's between left-wing Tories and right-wing LibDems and that should produce the result that most electors want. Or don't.

  2. 'Progressive left-wing' I think was how Simon Hughes described his party and I assumed the Tories were to their right. But whatever their positions on the spectrum - and I guess your description is more accurate than mine - I agree that a moderate balance probably reflects the voting intention of the majority, if you can really determine that. Anyway I'm inclined to think that one party having a huge majority in the Commons is not good for government.
    (My previous comment removed because of grammatical error! Price of pedantry!!)