Saturday, 28 November 2009

'For this relief...'

I'm glad to report that my experiences with my new dentist and the swine 'flu jab this week have been positive. The dentist, John, was genial and even reckoned I've done quite a good job at cleaning my teeth. I've become so used to being told off for not doing it properly that I made my apologies in advance. Anyway although I've got lots of fillings he said I kept them surprisingly well. And I didn't need treatment, apart from some scaling. He didn't recommend Corsodyl which I'd been told to use previously - discolours your teeth apparently. Just use salt and water. The best thing is that the practice is disabled friendly, and they're used to dealing with people like me. It was a good find.

As for the 'flu jab, I had my favourite practice nurse who was kind to me. She confirmed that I only need one jab. In the event I've not had any side-effects, no sore arm and fluey symptoms. Amazing. Rachel suspects my nose might be changing shape....

On Wednesday evening we went to the annual social of the Oxfordshire MNDA at the Bear and Ragged Staff in Cumnor. Jan and Joanne were there, and we had a good chat with them. So were a lot of other people, quite a number with MND too, and some who have got involved because of partners or relatives who have died from it. It was good to get to know a few more, though my conversations in a crowded pub are a bit limited. Chatted to Rachel Marsden, the nurse i/c of Oxford's MND Centre, about a meeting we're both involved in on 28 January for vicars-to-be about disability and terminal illness. She is an amazing person. Anyway it was a good evening.

PS The title of this blog comes from Shakespeare....


  1. You are surely not sick at heart ? (Though 'tis bitter cold.) Mention of the Bear & Ragged Staff brought back such memories - 20 years ago we lived just along the road from there and you could almost say my lads grew up in there! Of course, Cumnor was famous for its connection with Dudley and his wife Amy and his Coat of Arms....

  2. Thanks, Brian. No, not sick at heart, and although the cold is not good for my muscles I've just test-driven my new 'Kozee Toze' this evening and it transforms going out in my wheelchair. I'd forgotten you'd lived in Cumnor.