Friday, 21 November 2008

Donkeys by post

I received my first donkey in the post this week. It had a message with it: 'with luck you might two and start a dynasty'. So I'm hoping for more.
Actually it wasn't the donkey ITSELF. Just a card telling me one had been sent on my behalf to Darfur in Sudan courtesy of Oxfam - which seems an excellent idea. In fact, this move towards sending useful gifts to people in the world who REALLY need them, rather than cluttering up our homes with things we don't want or won't use, makes a lot of sense. Though gifts will always be an important way of expressing love or regard - lke the wise men and the woman with the alabaster box.
(Another of K T Bruce's pictures)

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  1. Good morning Michael,

    I agree, there is nothing worse than useless gifts when others in the world would benefit from giving, no matter how small.

    Our non stipendiary Assistant Vicar who amongst other things owns a printing firm, was fittingly given a flock of sheep by people at the office when he was ordained. Fortunately, as he said, they were sent to somewhere like Ethiopia.

    He is nevertheless admired and loved by the flock - old and young at Ecclesall. Only last Sunday he drew ouir attention to a book entitled "101 things to do in a boring sermon" - now there could lie a marketable product!